Coco Jones - Depressed (Taken from her now-available EP, “HDWY”)

Sun, Oct 6, 2019 at 10:00 AM by User
Via The Bandcamp Diaries

Coco Jones is a singer and songwriter who immediately strikes with a great personality and a really original approach to songwriting.

Her recent single, “Depressed,” is going to be featured on her new EP, “HDWY,” which features 8 original songs, including this one. “Depressed” has a really great melody, a charming, poppy beat and more importantly, a smooth vocal flow that does not only highlight Coco’s incredible singing ability, but also her way to write songs that are catchy, direct and easy to relate to.

“Depressed” showcases Coco’s musical coordinates, as the sound is a refreshing blend of R&B and pop.

Find out more and stay tuned for the full EP: